Whether the funeral is public or a private, intimate tribute to a loved one, Rosenthal Memorial Chapel will meet all of your requests with care.

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Rosenthal Memorial Chapel employs a sensitive approach to funeral planning. As experts in Jewish burial customs, we will ensure that your loved one is honored in the most appropriate and dignified manner.

While we provide services in Westchester County and the surrounding areas, we also assist with arrangements for a burial or death that occurs out of our area. Our membership in both the Jewish Funeral Directors of America (JFDA) and New York State Funeral Directors Association (NYSFDA) gives us access to reputable funeral homes across North America.

In addition to providing comprehensive funeral planning services, we assist family members in securing important government documents including certified death certificates, social security forms, Veterans Administration forms, insurance claim forms and more.

Rosenthal Memorial Chapel coordinates clergy; assists in the pre-planning process; and facilitates casket selection, floral arrangements and monument coordination.

Funeral services are available in a variety of settings throughout the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut), including funeral home chapels, houses of worship (synagogue) and at the gravesite.

Coordinating clergy: For families unaffiliated with a synagogue, our long-standing relationships with rabbis from all denominations (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist) throughout tri-state area enable us to secure clergy to officiate funeral services.

Pre-planning (also known as “advanced planning”) : One of the most difficult times in life doesn’t have to be wrought with last-minute decisions that lead to additional stress. Pre-planning a funeral offers a number of benefits – primarily that it provides peace of mind for the planner and his/her family. Pre-planning a funeral eases the burden on family members during the grieving process and prevents them from having to make important - and expensive - decisions on their own.

Consumer advocates, funeral directors and families alike recommend pre-planning. In fact, consumers in New York State have some of the strongest rights in the country. New York State PrePlan, the funeral funding program established by the NYSFDA in 1998, allows consumers to set money aside securely and safely prior to the time of death.

For more information on pre-planning a funeral, visit http://www.nysfda.org.

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Casket selection: Choosing a casket is a very personal decision. According to Jewish law (halacha) and as a sign of respect for the deceased, Jewish burial practice encourages the body to be returned to its natural state. Genesis 3:19 states: "for from dust were you taken...and to dust you shall return." Although Jewish law dictates that the deceased must be buried in a plain pine box, caskets come in several varieties of wood.

Many people choose caskets based solely on price, but we will help you identify the most appropriate casket within your budget.

Floral arrangements: If you choose to add flowers to complement the funeral service, we will facilitate directly with a local florist to create the most appropriate floral tribute to your loved one. We have relationships with reliable, quality florists throughout Westchester County.

Monument coordination: A monument is typically placed at the gravesite at the conclusion of the one-year period of mourning. We will coordinate the monument design and construction during the time the funeral arrangements are made or after shloshim (the 30-day period of mourning).

Through an open discussion and within cemetery regulations, we will help you decide the format of the monument you feel is most appropriate for your loved one: flat or upright; bronze or granite.

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Funeral services are a last tribute to a loved one’s life and should be planned with care and dignity. Rosenthal Memorial Chapel will arrange for a funeral to take place at one of three locales: a funeral home, a house of worship (synagogue) or at the cemetery (gravesite).

Whether the funeral is public or private, Rosenthal Memorial Chapel will meet all of your requests with care. We will coordinate a funeral at a funeral home, if your family chooses to hold a service there.

If your family is affiliated with a synagogue, you may choose to hold the funeral service there. However, for families unaffiliated with a synagogue, we can identify an appropriate house of worship in which to conduct a funeral service.

For families and individuals who wish to have a service at the cemetery, Rosenthal Memorial Chapel will make all of the necessary arrangements. For those who do not already own a plot or are entitled to one through a burial organization (i.e. Workmen’s Circle, Labor Zionist Alliance) we will facilitate the purchase of a plot.

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